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Our kennel was registered in the RUSSIAN KINOLOGICAL FEDERATION (RKF)(which is a member of FCI) among the first organisations of this kind in 1994. Our registrated name in FCI is " Golden Dakshaund". The majority of dogs in our kennel are from Moscow Kynological Community which breeded dachshunds from 1991. At present they have predominant livestock of dogs breeded from Moscow Community of Hunters and Anglers (these dogs go back to Moscow hunter dachshunds). Afterwards the imported sires of dogs were actively used in order to add more variety to the geno pool and in the modern stage one can see the consolidation of most successful bloods with little quantity of new bloods.

GD Terracota

Yorick Yasmila v.Weinreich
Our kennel is breeding dachshunds smooth- and long-haired of all types :standard and mini.

For certain period of time the main task for cultivation of smooth-haired dogs was to achieve wild color and brown wild. After amendments of breed standard in 2001 this color of hair (for smooth-haired dachshunds) was excluded. It should be mentioned thatour population of wild haired puppies has been minimized, but we continue to offer this wonderful color since these dogs are very attractive, have genetic robust health and excellent hunter skills. That's why people like them very much.

For the first time in development of longhaired variety of dachshunds in Russia on March of 2004 our kennel has got brown and tan dappled puppies. You can see their pictures here - in our web-site. At present time the main direction of our work with longhaired dachshunds is breeding of unusual colour : brown and tan ( they are very rare in Moscow and practically are absent in province), balck and tan dappled. For this purpose we have imported two charming brown and tan mini long-haired puppies from Germany kennel " v.Weinreich".

In 2007 for the first time in Russia two cream longhaired dachshunds were imported from America . Now we hope we can get marvellous cream puppies out of that pair. You can see details here :


Yasmila v.Weinreich & GD Moccona de Lux

The magazine TAKSA with our best dogs

Golden Dakshaund Urfin

Golden Dakshaund Tamerlan

Yorick & Yasmila v.Weinreich

Golden Dakshaund Zulan
Our dogs win in Dog Showes of National and International ranks. The most important achivement of our kennel is the victory in World Dog Show-2002 in Amsterdam. Our dachshund mini smooth-haired male Golden Dachshund Tamerlan became World Winner and took second possition in Best in group.
Our kennel has 1 WorldWinner, 1 Vice-EvroWinner, 4 Interchampiones, 8 Grandchampiones, 66 Championes of Russia and Junior Championes of Russia, 2 Championes of Russia-working trail, 6 Championes RKF, 2 Championes RKF-working trail, 11 Championes of National Club of Dachshund (two of them double champion !) and we have also champions of other countries - 4 Baltic Winner, 8 champions of Ukraine and Grand Ukraine, 7 of Belorus, 2 of Romania, 2 of Bulgaria, 4 of Serbia & Montenegro, 3 of Lithuania, 4 of Moldova, 3 of Estonia, 2 of Latvia, 2 of Balkan Countries, 2 of Makedonia, 2 of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
There are best dogs of rare colours of Russia in our kennel. Golden Dachshund Janychar - the most titled brown and tan male in Russia (Interchampion, Winner of Champion Class of " Eurasia -2004", Baltic Winner - 2005 (BIG-3), Grandchampion , Champion of Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, National breed club , Fox, Bl.tr.). On the one hand we try to save all variety of dachshunds classic colours(red , black and tan), and on the other hand we have been making our efforts in breeding of multicoloured dachshunds , and we are glad to tell you our multicoloured dachshunds successfully compete with traditional coloured dachshunds.
So in the largest Russian Dog show " Eurasia 2006" -our dappled dogs had show fine results. Golden Dakshunds Urfin had became Best of Breed and Golden Dakshund Galatea had became the winner of Working class under two differents judges.
See our best dogs in the page OUR CHAMPIONS

Golden Dakshaund Tamerlan

Golden Dakshunds Urfin

Golden Dachshund Janychar

Golden Dakshund Galatea
The puppies of our kennel live in many cities of Russia and in the other countries :
Austria kennel SKYEOMANIA www.skyeomania.at
Holland kennel DUTCHDAPPLES www.dutchdapples.com
kennel MIBAF'S HOEVE www.teckelsmibafshoeve.nl
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Italy kennel DELLA NAVE http://www.dellanave.it
kennel CASA MAMMOLA www.bassotticasamammola.com
Finland kennel RECTUS members.surfeu.fi/rectus
kennel OXENEYES www.elisanet.fi/arto.silokangas
Chekh kennel ZE STEKOTU www.zestekotu.cz
Belarus Belgium China Denmark Estonia India Israel Germany Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Norway Poland Ukraine USA
I am Larisa Vlasenko-breeder of kennel " Golden Dakshund ". I have higher chemical education and higher veterinary education, aiding to owner of our pupies and dogs.
Thank you for visiting our site!
I have six wonderful dachshunds !


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puppies for sale smooth male smooth female long male long female
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